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A SSRS R2 Talk in Montreal on September 25th

by Jean-Rene Roy 30. September 2010 10:01

Last week end I was speaking about SQL Server Report Server R2 (SSRS).  There were over 80 attendees for this full day on BI. Due to technical difficulties and other things,   I end up getting only 50 minutes to present all the new features in the new version of SSRS R2 and Report Builder 3.0. I ended up having fun showing off what is new at a grate speed. Here a small list of what's new.

·         Improve Report Wizard

·         New report control like the Map

·         New deployment of Datasource

·         New Report Builder with Click Once technology

·         Share Report Parts

·         Share Data Source

·         No more Report Templates

·         And many other details.

Anyways, this BI day was a very good event. Check out Guy Barrette very nice pictures.

Congratulation to Eric Moreau and Christian Cote for organizing this.



SQL Saturday in Montreal (Sep. 25)

by Jean-Rene Roy 24. September 2010 09:24

I am working hard on a presentation at I will be doing in Montreal this weekend for the SQL Saturday.  This event is not exactly like a SQL Saturday. It’s presented in the .Net Saturday by the Montreal .Net Community. The subject is BI and you can learn about this event with this link. The all day will be in French and I am more than happy to do this presentation in French.  My subject (Presented at 13:45) will be about SSRS and I will also talk about the new Report Builder 3.0.  I am very pleased to present in my old User Group.  After all I was one of the founders of this group.

Sujet: Introduction au B.I.
Heure: 9h00 à 16h00
Langue: Français et Anglais

Pavillon des Sciences de la gestion (R)
315, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, H2X 3X2

Coût: 5$ pour les membres + frais de service EventBrite (vous devez aussi être membre de la Communauté .NET)

IMPORTANT: Vous devez être membre en règle et débourser $5 + les frais.



Microsoft just released the final version of the Windows Phone 7 Tool.

by Jean-Rene Roy 18. September 2010 01:50

You can now download the RTM version of the WP7 Developer Tools.  It very important that you use this final version because any XAP files submitted to the marketplace built with the Beta version will be rejected. You need to compile and test your app with this new RTM version. When you do submit your application, you can expect it to take about five days to pass or fail certification, though you can check the status of your app submission at any time at the developer portal. The new tools include the new Bing Maps control. So if you plan on using maps in your app, you must download the new tool. Also MS released the Mobile Advertising SDK which will let you add ads to your application. This is something you may like to consider if you produce a free application.  Six new additional controls are now also available and you can get more information on Silverlight Codeplex site. 




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Canadian WP7 Apps showoff in Toronto...

by Jean-Rene Roy 8. September 2010 23:27

This week I was in Toronto for DevTeach Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp. On Tuesday night Microsoft organized a Word Press Bloggers event to show off some of the Toronto firm that has already developer application for the new Windows Phone 7 Platform.  I was very surprised to meet the guy’s that of Sukhronis Entertainment, author of the iPhone Smiles app. I have that game on my iPhone and it very cool. That night we had a demonstration of the Smiles application on a desktop and on a Windows Phone 7. That right, the application has been ported to the XNA platform and with very little change to the code it runs also on the Windows Phone 7 XNA platform.  I can’t wait to play with the Smiles game on my WP7.



An engaged WP7 Boot Camp audience …

by Jean-Rene Roy 24. August 2010 22:53

I am writing this from the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Boot Camp in Montreal. We are having a blast here. I was familiar with Silverlight so the first section is not new to me but Colin is not just showing how to use Silverlight with WP7. He covers very well other important topics like LINQ, WCF, Entity Framework, WCF Data services and OData. Colin prepared over 40 projects of sample code.  Most are focused examples of individual build blocks so it very easy to understand.  The Boot Camp concept is a training of 3 days condensed into 2 and is meant to be presented to a small group.  In day 2 we are covering specifics of WP7 like GPS, Maps API and all the other goodies.  This was very fun.  Still 3 more locations left for this Boot Camp.  The next one is Vancouver on August 30-31st then it will be presented on Ottawa on September 2 – 3rd and the last one is in Toronto on September 6-7th.  Check out the details at this link: http://www.devteach.com/SpecialEvent.aspx




Why should you care about Windows Phone 7

by Jean-Rene Roy 14. August 2010 05:47

According to most sources, Windows Phone 7 devices will not be available to purchase by the public or even developers until October. The Marketplace for WP7 apps will likely open for Windows Phone 7 app submissions in October. This is a very good opportunity for .Net developers to get ahead of this wave, and trust me, it will be a BIG wave. Check out the YouTube video Windows Phone 7 Gold Rush at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZaybLKetuA



SQL Server DBA need to know about Entity Framework 4.0

by Jean-Rene Roy 10. August 2010 00:29

If you are a DBA and have not yet look at MS Entity Framework, Well you need to check out ODNC event on Thursday night. Has a DBA you will see  this data layer more and  more in the year to come.  Jonathan Aneja is coming from Redmond to present on LINQ and Entity Framework 4.0. If you have not registered as of yet then you can do so by sending an email request to Events@OttawaCommunity.Net . We look forward to seeing you soon.



Date: Thursday, August 12th, 2010
Registration: 5:30 PM - 5:45 PM
Presentation: 5:45 PM - 8:00 PM
Refreshments: Pizza & Pop will be served
Location: Microsoft's Glacier Room
               100 Queen Street, Suite 500
               World Exchange Plaza, Ottawa



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New Silverlight User Group in Vancouver. A chance to win a free registration to WP7 Boot Camp.

by Jean-Rene Roy 8. August 2010 23:21

A new Silverlight user group has been created in Vancouver named VanSLUG. In Order to help bring awareness to this new User Group, DevTeach is giving a free registration (Value of $999.00) to its popular Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp ( August 30-31) to the User Group for a draw.  So you have a chance to win this registration by simply joining VanSLUG at this link: http://vanslug.net. You register to the group by clicking on the login link on the top right-hand-side of the home page and creating an account. VanSLUG will announce the winner on August 16th.

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A very strong kickoff for the Windows Phone 7 App. Store

by Jean-Rene Roy 2. August 2010 21:19

If you’re a developer on the .NET platform and the only way you have to make money is to invest your time in developing an app., the Windows Phone 7 App Store could be your gold rush. Why? Because the app store will open with 90 000 potential customers.  Yes, Microsoft just announced that all fulltime employees will be getting a free Windows Phone 7 when the device is released.  So if you are among the first to have an application in this app store, you have a strong chance to make money. The rumor is that 1 million devices will be sold by Christmas.  Even if it’s 500 000 sold, that’s still a chance to make a lot of money with your own application that you can test on a device at DevTeach before the stores open

If you are into this new gold rush, you must check out the DevTeach Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp. It’s 3 days of training presented in two days in 4 cities. Colin Melia will have a device on site and if you’ve already started an application, you’ll be able to test it on the device during the Boot Camp.  Check out the details of this boot camp at this link: 




DevTeach just announced a Boot Camp on Windows Phone 7 in 4 cities.

by Jean-Rene Roy 22. June 2010 23:00

This is a very good opportunity for .Net developers to get ahead of this wave,  and trust me, it will be a BIG wave. Just think of all the IPhone apps you can recreate for this new platform in a fraction of time it takes on the IPhone platform. Here is the Windows Phone 7 rebate code: WP7BOOTCAM - good for $100 off the 2-day boot camp. This rebate code has no time limit.

Colin Melia from DreamDigial is creating and presenting the material. When you leave this boot camp, you will have the knowledge and sample to build a Windows Phone 7 application. BTW, DevTeach is the first organization to provide a boot camp on Windows Phone 7 in Canada. Do not miss this chance.


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