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XML in SQL Server, Why bother? The OttawaSQL.Net Talk

by Jean-Rene Roy 20. May 2010 22:50

Last week I was giving sessions about XML. I did it before at the Ottawa IT Day and the Toronto Code Camp. But this time I enhance it with some code simple that output XML that I was using back in year 2000. This example was interesting because 2000 was when this buzz work hit all developer like a brick. Now, to know what this is all about you need to be there. The good news is that all the code from this demo fest can be downloaded right here.  If you have questions call or email me     

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A fantastic presentation from PASS 2009

by Jean-Rene Roy 4. November 2009 05:20

When you attend a conference you have the chance of seeing a dozen of sessions.  Some aren’t  exactly what you expected others are right on. And once in a while you are lucky to see a presentation that meets all of your expectations and more.   That happened to me on Tuesday when I attended  Jacob Sebastian’s session called ‘’ Create powerful XML Schema collections to validate your XML documents ‘’. Creating validation for XML is very confusing and complex. You can get intimated by this task very quickly. Jacob designed a 75 min. session that covers this complex subject in a very simple way.  That’s understandable because Jacob spend a year on writing a book about the subject. See this link for h is book.

On www.amazon.Com


Many developers need this skill  and I asked Jacob if I could use his material to teach this subject in my local User group. Jacob agreed so I will work on creating my own session on this subject. I hope I can show this to you soon. Below you can find a Picture of me and Jacob.    


Jacob Sebastian, Paul l.,Jean-Rene Roy

Check out Jacob Blog: http://beyondrelational.com/blogs/jacob/ 

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