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What is a Modern DBA, Tips and Tricks for Dev.

by Jean-Rene Roy 8. February 2016 19:51

When you work the same job for over 10 years, it easy to stop learning new tricks because what you do and know works in your environment. But when you constantly change environment you need to learn new tricks and tips to get the job done.  Has a software Architect and Senior DBA I am in this position of teaching tricks and tips when I get to do consulting in different enterprises. This is why I created the session ‘’The Modern DBA’’.  I am presenting a Dev version of this session at the Ottawa IT Community tomorrow.  Aldo I am giving it a Dev Spin any DBA will feel at home in this session.  I hope to see you tomorrow. 



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Check out DevTeach Montreal 2016 sessions line up

by Jean-Rene Roy 26. January 2016 09:30

#DevTeach just posted the sessions line up for their event in Montreal. Over 48 speakers presenting in 5 track. I will be presenting my Modern DBA sessions in the All About Data Track. This event is presented during the Jazz Fest in Montreal (July 4-8) and you can also attend a Pre-Con on SQL Server Query design workshop and 2 Post-Con on Angular 2 and Dynamic CRM. With the early bird right now, you can attend for only $200 per day. You do not what to miss this event.  Check it out:



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DevTeach Call for speakers is on!

by Jean-Rene Roy 19. November 2015 07:38

is back in Montreal on July 5-7 2016. Submit your sessions by Dec 24th.


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What is a SQL Server modern DBA? Does he need to know about NoSQL

by Jean-Rene Roy 21. October 2015 01:13

In the past 25 years I have been Database Architect, software architect, Database developer, Software Developer but what I like the most is been a Solution Architect. One role for which I have been involved since day one is DBA. Most of the time because no one what to play this role. This essential practice has evolve drastically in the past 5 years. Has an independent consultant I participate in many different projects and I see many DBA stuck in their old way of doing thing with very little knowledge of the new tools and trends in the industry. The best example of this is NoSQL. Many DBA think NoSQL is just for the Dev guy’s and it will go away like the Harper government.  You may be right about the Harper government but NoSQL is here to stay and it’s something that is more related to the DBA role. These are all points that I am talking about in my sessions call The Modern DBA.  Come see this presentation in Ottawa and Vancouver.

Ottawa October 22nd at the Ottawa SQL PASS chapter

Vancouver October 27th at the SQLCamp


SQLCamp Vancouver October 27th

by Jean-Rene Roy 24. September 2015 08:26

I am presenting my session "The modern DBA" at the Vancouver SQLCamp. You will find three sessions presented at this event.

Microsoft Predictive Analytics
Andrew Boudreau - SQL262

The SQL Server Modern DBA
Jean-René Roy - SQL255

Get Control of your Database Development with SQL Server Database Projects
Jacob Appleton - SQL242

The even tis free, Pizza is server for lunch. We will cover many new feature of SQL Server 2016.



Did you know about the free event AzureCon on Sept. 29th

by Jean-Rene Roy 22. September 2015 10:42

Back in 2014, I work 3 months for Lixar, Ottawa Company, on the Azure platform. What was difficult was keeping up to date with all the new stuff coming out every week on the Azure platform.  In our case, keeping up to date made a big different because new features announced on Azure prevent us to write weeks of code. If you save weeks of coding, imagine home much $$$ you are saving in test.  Here your chance to keep up with all the changes on Azure by virtually attending the AzureCon on September 29th.



Vote for my sessions proposal at Confoo.ca

by Jean-Rene Roy 15. September 2015 07:28

I submitted 2 sessions for the conference Confoo.ca. I appreciate if you can vote for my sessions.

Here the sessions I submitted:

MS Free Data tools in Visual Studio 2015

You may know by now .Net is open source. The tools set for .Net is Visual Studio 2015. But did you know that Visual Studio has many add-on? This session will explore the fee Data Tools for Visual Studio. We will look at what we can do with this free tool and why you need it.

The Modern DBA

What is a modern DBA? Well that depend on what you are doing in your day to day job. The modern DBA is the guy that uses the right tools for the job.  SQL Server come with many tools (SSMS SSIS, SSRS) but these tools are not always the right tools for the job. When you add SQL Azure to the mix, what skill do you need to be this modern DBA. This session will show you tip and trick and different tools for different job including some of the No SQL

ConFoo. February 24 - February 26, 2016 | Montreal, Canada


DevTeach , SQLTeach and SQLSaturday366 Ottawa Pre-Con announcement

by Jean-Rene Roy 24. February 2015 01:08

Edwin Sarmiento will present a two days’ workshop on SQL Server HA /DR.  Is workshop is also a Pre-Con to SQLSaturday # 388 in Ottawa.  The Main conference will be held in the Microsoft Office on Saturday April 25th. Edwin Pre-Con will be presented on Thursday April 23th and Friday April 24th. Been a good friend of Edwin, I can tell you that, in regard of disaster recovery he is one of the best on this planet. We, SQL Server MVP, look up to Edwin for is expertise.  I will be attending this Pre-Con and I hope to see you there.




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Can’t wait to present at MSDevMtl

by Jean-Rene Roy 11. November 2014 08:09

It has been more than a year since I presented in Montreal at my old User group. This summer the group change is name to MSDevMtl.  I will be presenting on Dynamic CRM 2013. Salim will also be there and that will be very cool because I design this presentation with him.  We will talk about the data migration and data integration with Dynamics CRM.  I will also talk about how you can use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to load large amount of data in CRM with the data flow control “Balance Data Distributor” BDD.  Hope to see there.



Case Management is more and more popular in Government

by Jean-Rene Roy 3. October 2014 10:14

In Ottawa, the federal government is standardizing on Dynamic CRM platform for case management application. These time of application manage Case File like ticket at help desk, Sale lead or files that take many actions to be close.

For the Government of Canada, this application will manage things like, committee booking for house of common, Grant management for Canada Council of Art, Nuclear manipulation for CNSC or transport incidents for transport Canada.

Coradix created a new user group call Case4Gov.ca. This new group, also on meetup, is will help developer know more about this platform. I was invited to present my presentation “How to integrate legacy application with Dynamics CRM 2013” on September 25th.  I did this presentation many times and I will post a video recording this presentation on DevTeach Video Hub soon.  Hope to see you at this new user group.




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Jean-René Roy; architecting IT solution for large and small enterprises since 1987. In 1991 he founded the consulting firm Technologies SoftDesign Inc.

He has worked on projects for the Canada Council of the Arts, Treasury Board of Canada, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, House of Commons, Innovapost, Bell Canada, CGI and many other corporations assuming the responsibility of IT Manager, Technical Advisor, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Senior Software Architect, Senior Software Developers, Team leader, Project management and mentor. He is still very active in the developers’ community by acting as a user group leader for more than ten years with the Montreal .NET community and the Ottawa .NET community.

He is also the co-founder of an international developer’s conference www.DevTeach.com which is now directed by a member of his team. Jean-René Roy is a SQL Server Microsoft MVP.



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